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What 'seasonless' means to us

There is a lot of buzz at the moment regarding 'seasonless' fashion. We’ve read countless articles mentioning this topic and wanted to have our say. We agree that the world has moved on and that we need to better adapt to the times, including new technologies and new ways of working.

With this in mind, we understand that buying patterns are shifting towards a more conscious way of buying and it’s also reflected in the way that we dress. It is evident right now that customers are more discerning today than ever before and are looking for pieces that they can keep in their wardrobe longer than a season. The intention is to purchase fewer, high-quality pieces that are loved and worn in multiple ways.

we want to make sure that collections are not just created for the northern hemisphere

It seems that brands are understanding that there is a shift in people's minds and that we need to adapt to this new way of purchasing. We think that this is a good transition and where we fit in nicely, however to this shift we would like to add our own agenda: to us it’s not just about customers investing in pieces that have longevity; we also want to make sure that collections are not just created for the northern hemisphere. We intend to be inclusive, which takes into account thinking beyond the European season schedule, so our winter collections will include summer products and vice versa – our business is a global one and this should be reflected.

What we mean by 'seasonless':

  • Clothes that can be worn all year round

  • Clothes can be bought all around the world, regardless of season

  • We design high-quality pieces with care so they can be worn for longer.

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